KRG Stocks


We are Proud to ANNOUNCE that we have become a dealer with Kinetic Research Group (KRG).

We are trying to bridge the gap with ALL Tikka products and feel that KRG has accomplished that. Offering their X-Ray stock and many others that they make, we can offer some nice package deals. We are currently running the X-Ray Chassis on our Tikka 6.5 Creedmoor and really digging this stock. Ergonomics and quality is top notch.


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If you are looking for other KRG Stocks, Please call or Email us, I’d be happy to shoot you a price.

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X-Ray Chassis Gen 2
SKU Description Price
XRY-T3S-BLK T3/ T3x Black  $  564.00
XRY-T3S-FDE T3/ T3x Flat Dark Earth (tan)  $  589.00
XRY-T3S-GRN T3/ T3x Sako Green  $  589.00



XRY-R7S-BLK -700SA Black  $  519.00
XRY-R7S-FDE -700SA Flat Dark Earth (tan)  $  533.00
XRY-R7S-GRN -700SA Sako Green  $  503.00
XRY-R7L-BLK -700LA Black  $  517.00
XRY-R7L-FDE -700LA Flat Dark Earth (tan)  $  539.00
All X-rays can be ordered with Large grips installed.

Add -L to SKU. Cost increase is $15 retail




Midas 4.5-27×50 MOA APLR1
Midas 4.5-27×50 MOA AHMR
Midas BTR 2.5-15×50 MOA
Cronus 4.5-29×56 MIL